RPM question – Canadian 2015 Nissan Micra

Hello all!

I own a 2015 Nissan Micra (Canadian here!) and wanted to ask about the car’s tachometer.

It seems to me that the car’s shift points is affected by temperature.

In the spring, summer or fall when driving to work at 60 KM per hour, the RPM reads 2,500 and sometime before I hit the train tracks in my route to work the RPM would go down to 1,500 when I stay at 60 KM per hour.

Now its winter, still driving at 60 KM per hour, the RPM stays at 2,500 even way after I pass the train tracks and eventually will go down to 1,500.

It seems to me, the Micra shifts to the next gear later due to colder temperatures – I’ve always thought the car should shift depending on your speed. Does the Micra take a longer time to warm up compared to other cars? Is this a feature of the Micra – I don’t recall seeing anything like this in previous cars I’ve owned.

The route I drive has a speed limit of 80 KM per hour but when I go at that speed sooner – the Micra’s RPM would go up to 3,000 RPM! From my understanding, it’s not good for the engine to go high in RPMs and it also uses more oil/fuel so I drive at 60 KM per hour until it goes down to 1,500 and then I will speed up to 80 KM/hour. This is my only annoyance with the Micra – the weirdness of the RPMs.

I like to drive with fuel/oil economy in mind – so am I being unreasonable here in waiting for the car to finally go to 1,500 RPM before speeding up to the speed limit of the road – sure I might piss some people off but I stay in the right lane (not a highway).


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