Questions about valuing contents of house after fire

Hello all and thanks in advance for reading!

The contents of my home were damaged after a recent fire (no injuries thankfully!). Our insurance adjuster sent an inventory company over to the house which created a 1000+ line Excel document listing every single item in the house. I expected the adjuster to value the items, but instead the document was sent to me to supply a replacement cost to every single item.

There are dozens of items I literally have no idea how to valuate so any suggestions or strategies would be greatly appreciated. How do I suggest a value for boxes of 40+ year old vintage toys (never itemized or appraised), original art, signed band posters, family photos, furniture gifted to us that doesn’t identify a make/model, a rear projection TV that cost $7500 15 years ago but is worth $50 today, prescription drugs, prescription eyeglasses, collections of spare parts, licensed but obsolete software, travel mementos which didn’t cost a lot, etc.

It seems that so many things are impossible to value. Is a VHS tape what it originally cost? What a current DVD costs to replace it? or $0.01 which is what it would have sold for?

I look forward to any insight or guidance. Thanks!

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