(Ontario) Emergency evacuation from my building. Construction workers damaged items. Question about renters insurance.

Hello all!

On Nov 30 we came home to see a handful of people working for the town I live in standing in the lobby of my building. They asked if we lived there, we said yes, they then said we have an hour to gather our necessities before the building is completely evacuated.

We found out this week that the construction is going to take at least 6 months so we ended up getting another apartment.

Yesterday, we go into our place for the first time since the evacuation and our dresser is damaged, our bed frame is broken, and a few smaller things (ie picture frames, candle holders, etc.) are also broken or damaged. The labourers from the town made such a mess of our things and the representatives that were there babysitting us as we were packing kept saying “contact a lawyer” every time we pointing out something that was damaged.

Our brokerage was closed and we couldn’t contact them and won’t be able to do so until Tuesday – the day we completely move out. My father-in-law drew up the policy but he is now retired and on vacation so I don’t want to bother him with it. I would assume it has all the bells and whistles, though.

Since this is such a bizarre situation, what are my chances of actually being compensated for these items? I know I have to contact my brokerage to be sure, but I was hoping to have a general idea before we move to determine whether we’ll bring those things with us, or whether we’ll leave them there for someone else to deal with. We can deal with the dresser, but the frame and some other items are completely done for.

Any help would be appreciated, and let me know if you need more info.

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