(NY) Employer rescinded my open enrollment changes after open enrollment ended

Posted in legal advice but they suggested I try here as well…

Our open enrollment was in the beginning of October. They sent out lots of notices and I made my selections. Added health insurance, vision and dental.

I had previously been out from a Health Leave of Absence (unpaid) and there was an error on my end that caused them to cancel my insurance effective 11/2. That was fixed as soon as I became aware.

Well on 11/14 a representative went in and rescinded my open enrollment changes. It’s all done through an electronic site. They never emailed, called or mailed to tell me these changes were being made. There was an “activity” for me to redo the open enrollment in the system but I didn’t know.

My HR person was out of the office today, when I realized my benefits were going to be effective next year. So I’ll be meeting with them next week.

I just don’t understand how if I completed everything during open enrollment they can go back and make changes after open enrollment is closed.

Any advice for my HR meeting? Or am I just screwed

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