New Year, New Car

Well, I have officially become THAT guy. The one who walks into a dealership between Christmas and New Years and tries to work a deal on a new car.

Long story short, I moved back to California from New Jersey 6 months ago to join a start up company. However since day 1 I wasn’t happy there and knew it wasn’t destined to work out. After finding a new job, I ditched the company lease I was in, and in need of new transportation. Quickly. I looked at everything, from the M2, to the Camaro SS 1LE, GT350, WRX, CPO M3/4, CPO C63, C6 Z06, and more.

However after much soul searching and thinking and test driving, I decided to bring home a 2017 VW GTI SE. 6 Speed Manual of course. I realized that as fun as some of the others would be, stretching financially just to have something “more cool” wasn’t a smart play. I wanted something reliable, safe, fun, and somewhat practical.

And to be completely honest, on my way to the dealership I was not particularly excited about the GTI. Whether it was car-snobbery or something else, I just wasn’t super stoked. However on my 2nd test drive, I realized it was a very well equipped, and very zippy little bugger. After advising the sales person, sales manager, and F&I advisor that I was a former District Manager for a luxury car company, we had a very frank talk about pricing, met in the middle, and I drove away about an hour later.

Initial thoughts: the interior is great. It makes the WRX look like a 1980’s gas station Lego knock off that was set to spin cycle in the washing machine. The heated leather bucket seats are great, the red illuminated accent trims are awesome, all LED interior lighting is nice, and the Fender stereo kicks out great clear audio. I am bummed there is only 1 USB port, but the great panoramic-ish sunroof makes me happy, and the shifter is fantastic. Better than my old FRS so far. The ride is compliant, and Sport mode makes it just tough enough to remind you it’s a hot hatch. Overall, I like it more and more each time I drive it. Picture below of course!

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