Need help diagnosing jerking car problem

Hello! I am trying to learn more about working on cars by doing what maintenance I can own my own car. However, I am having some trouble diagnosing the cause of a problem my vehicle is having and I could use some help.

My car is a 2000 Nissan Maxima with a manual transmission. The problem I am having is that whenever I first put my foot on the gas or take it off, the car bucks. This happens regardless of how smoothly and slowly I work the pedal. It was suggested to me that bad motor mounts may be to blame, but they seem to be in working condition.

Another issue that may be related is that the car idles very poorly, especially when started cold. It generally idles around 1100rpm and is very rough. I have tried the idle relearn process as well as looking for vacuum leaks, but no success there.

Any suggestions that could help me in solving these issues would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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