Just bought my first pickup truck, first rwd, first toyota, first post ’95 vehicle. I have some newb questions.

I have driven old beater honda civics and VW rabbits my whole life, so I’m used to having fwd, and having to replace or adjust things pretty regularly. I’ve always driven on coils with fwd which I’m told is very forgiving in the corners. I needed something more reliable because I finally got a “decent” job so I decided on a 5 speed 98 Tacoma 2.4l SR5 xtracab, with 138k on it.

My first question would be what should I be wary of with the switch to rwd? Are any parts of driving that I haven’t found yet going to be drastically different?

Second would be the leaf springs, boy do they feel strange. I feel like the rear is floating down the road compared to coilovers, so my question is would there be a happy medium suspension choice for lowering/tightening the suspension somewhere between leaf springs and coils? I noticed there are also shocks behind the leaf springs, so if you answer please assume I know absolutely nothing about this part of the suspension.

Third I would like to know besides a decent tune up what kind of things I could do to this truck that would keep it nearish to stock but have it making a bit more power? I don’t know much about this motor or transmission so just assume I’m a newbie there also.

Fourth would be where could I find a decent site for parts/accessories? I’ve always used ECS, techtonics, or Urotuning. Are there comparable Toyota sites?

Thank you very much for reading and have a great day.

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