idea for a new hybrid manual transmission

a 6 speed manual transmission, where 1st gear is for electric only and gears 2-6 are for the gas engine only (but geared similarly to gears 2-6 in a 6 speed transmission). Reverse would be handled by 1st gear as well, just running the electric motor in reverse.

Gears 2-6 could also have electric assist and all gears could have regenerative braking. Not sure if there are some other optimizations for efficiency that could be made.

In my mind, some advantages of this would be potentially a smaller electric system designed around powering the vehicle to just 20-30 mph, a manual for enthusiasts where the electric only 1st gear would remove the pain of stop and go traffic, and potentially a less intimidating entry point for people to get into a manual since there wouldn’t be a fear of stalling the engine in 1st and getting stuck in an intersection.

Curious what people think of this sort of setup. Obvious comparison point is the Honda CRZ. I’m sure Honda considered it too, wonder why they didn’t build it that way.

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