I have a Nissan Sunny 2013 1.5 Automatic. I have some questions, please.

Hi everyone,

I would like very much to get in touch with an owner of the similar model or a mechanic with some experience working on this model. I would like to do some maintenance and I a bit conflicted about it. My main worry is the ATF change. I searched this subreddit and it seems that you shouldn’t mess with it if it is not deteriorated. Even when I bought four litters of the DEX III ATF today, the seller was a bit concerned about me and told me not to buy before I find someone competent enough to change it. Common sense and a couple of videos I watched for other Nissans ATF change tell me it should be rocket science.

I’m conflicted because even when I proposed to a friend to take it to a NISSAN dealer to do the maintenance, he warned me that they may not be as competent as you think, which is crazy. His words infected me and got me worried some more.

This is why I’m seeking out the help of this community to try and come up with the best decision. People are advising me to change the ATF, others are telling me to leave it alone -If it’s not broken, don’t fix it- I really would like to keep the car as healthy as possible because I might afford to squeeze some money out of my budget to do maintenance, but I wouldn’t be able to afford to fix it if everything break-down because of inadequate maintenance practices. The problem is that I don’t even know where the dipstick for the ATF is. If I did, I would at least follow the instruction I found here and see if the fluid smell is still sweet and the color doesn’t indicate the fluid is burnt out.

The milage is 123000 Km which is (75000 miles). I have no proof that the owner changed ATF since he bought it. The owner manual I found doesn’t show me much about ATF change. There is no problem with it so far. Except that I rarely shift to D and the car still won’t move when I accelerate, so I put it back to N and then back again to D to make it work. Again, it’s very rarely when this happens.

To conclude, it would be great if an owner or an experienced mechanic help me out and give me advice and pointers and how to properly maintain the car. I think it is a beautiful, reliable car and it deserves respect and love.

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