EDR collection amount question.

I was wondering if anyone knew how much does EDR collect, and is the data only used when you get into an accident when air bags are deployed. My friend went in for his yearly check and he was told my the mechanic that he probably shouldn’t drive over the speed limit so often. This brought another thing to my attention as I had some rim damage from a pothole covered by snow but I have protection from Mercedes however it only considers road hazards, along that I do have some curb rashes from not being used to the car and taking a turn too sharp, I was wondering if they can use the on board data against me and claim it was one of those times that slightly bent the rim rather then the pothole I know did. Been fairly lucky so far and never had rim damage before and never had to deal with a dealer and protection they provide, but I’m assuming just like everyone else they would say anything just to not pay for it.

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