Dumb question about renter’s insurance

I’m in the last six months of a lease at what I hope will be my last apartment for a long time (having a house built).

Through the last few years of renting, I’ve noticed corporate apt complexes are getting more and more cutthroat about what they will bill you for when you move out, and I’m speaking as someone who spackles, carpet cleans, and hires a professional cleaning service when I move out. (And I buy the stupid drip pans.) Because we have a great rental history and credit, I’m pretty sure we paid zero security deposit on this unit.

However, a couple of months ago we noticed there’s a big chunk missing from the underside and edge of a granite kitchen counter in current apt. We spent about five minutes trying to figure out the hell how we knocked out this piece (size of a baby’s fist), before we realized it wasn’t us. Reason being, we never found a random chunk of granite anywhere. So either it was like that when we moved in and we never noticed, or it happened during maintenance when we weren’t here.

Given my experience at my last apt complex (where they did a blacklight carpet inspection among other things), I’m braced for the worst and wondering if current apt might try to bill us to replace the whole kitchen counter. (Obviously there’s no way they’ll believe we didn’t do it.)

Is this a thing renter’s insurance might cover?

TL;DR does renter’s insurance cover damage to the structure that may be billed upon move-out?

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