Buying car insurance across city/county lines? (US)

I work in a city that is an hour from where I live. My town, unfortunately, does not have any insurance agencies open during the evening. I am about to buy a car and therefore need insurance, but I work 9-5 so my availability to meet with an insurance agent is very limited. Because I am new at my job, I am not able to ask off yet. If I could go to an insurance agency over my lunch break within a few blocks of my office, that would probably be my best bet. However, premiums in the city are much higher than in the town where I live. If I sign up for a plan at an agency near my work, I don’t want this to result in a higher premium. Would I get charged these higher rates, even though I reside in a town with low-average premiums? (Note: I use public transportation to get to work, so I would not be traveling in the high premium city with my vehicle).

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