Your recent junkyard sightings?

Went to the junkyard today.

In the customer-open sections, among a lot of stuff, I saw a Fiat Maluch with a red body, green hood and blue driver’s door, a Trabant, a Żuk van, the world’s most rotten early 90s Iveco Daily and 4 Alfa Romeos: 3 156s (one with a hilariously rotten chassis) and a 166, which were some of the newest stuff around.

However, there was the non-customer-open section, which could have had real medium rarities, judging by the fact that I saw a Wartburg “Farty Hans” 353, a Ford Probe, a Mk1 3-door Golf and a Niewiadów N126 caravan over the fence.

What are your recent junkyard finds?

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