We’ve all heard of middle lane hogs, but have you ever encountered an overzealous middle-lane-hog-hunter?

Story time, I was driving on a motorway (UK), left lane, behind a few cars. There is a junction coming up and the cars in the left hand lane are slowing down to come off the motorway. I go into the middle lane to continue straight on the motorway. Motorway mostly quiet/empty. I pass a few of the cars approaching the turn off the motorway and then pass the turn itself where all the cars leave the motorway. Being in the middle lane with a now totally empty lane to the left of me I prepare to change to the left hand lane. As I’m preparing to move over to the left this guy zooms up behind and starts flashing his lights for me to move over. Literally barely a few seconds after the car that was previously to the left of me turned off the motorway. lmao. Like I’m going to just immediately and dangerously change lanes with the left lane now emptying. After I moved over and this guy goes past me it’s just some kid who looks like he’s had his licence for a week. Probably read about “middle lane hogs” in the paper and thought he had a point to prove without realising it depends on the context of the situation.

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