The Heavy=Safe Mentality Is Bad For Drivers And The Planet

People should stop buying gigantic vehicles because they’re the reason the problem exists. If someone teenager’s father buys them a Silverado 2500, they now have the heaviest vehicle on the road and other people worry about being hit by the teenager. They choose to buy a gigantic gas guzzler SUV or truck because they think it’s safe but now nobody is safer and they’re burning a ridiculous amount of fuel for no reason. We’d be equally safe if most people drove 3,000 lb cars because the amount of energy being transferred would be comparable. Two cars in a head-on collision would be as damaged as two trucks but they wouldn’t waste so much fuel.

Tl;Dr: don’t buy trucks because they’re safer. If everyone drives a truck, you’re not safer than if you were a resident of a society in which everyone drives Miatas. Those large vehicles need more fuel and that contributes to climate change.

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