Should I have a lawyer contest a ticket to avoid any future liability?

To make a long story short I was recently involved in a car accident involving multiple cars where I was the last car in the chain. As a result, the officer who came to the scene immediately assigned fault to me and gave me a ticket for “following too closesly” which carries 4 points in NY. I contacted my lawyer who is unable to respond because he is outside the country at this time and won’t be back until January. Anyhow, the claims adjuster for the insurance company is currently still collecting evidence but based on the photographs provided he stated that the case is definitely bizarre (first car sustained practically no damage, 2nd car has a completely smashed up front end while the rear bumper has one 5″ crack and a scuff from the impact with my license plate bracket and my car has a couple of cracks in the front bumper and a cracked grill that will need to be replaced). Adjuster stated fault would depend on the statement of the driver in car 1. In order to hedge myself against accepting any potential liability, I’m not sure how to proceed in regard to the ticket I received from the police officer. For instance, if I plead guilty, can this later be used against me if one of the other drivers decides to sue? A claims adjuster friend of mine looked over the photos as well and also came to the conclusion that from what it looks like, car 2 hit car 1 and I was unable to stop in time slightly crashing into car 2. She stated that even if car 1 states they felt one impact instead of two, the insurance company might still find car 2 partially liable. This is in NY, I have a spotless driving record over the past 10 years with 1 speeding ticket that was entirely dismissed and no prior accidents involving my fault (was rear ended one time by a driver that fell asleep at the wheel). Thanks in advance!

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