Picking homeowner’s insurance in N.C.

I’m buying my first house and it’s time to pick my homeowner’s insurance. I have USAA for my auto insurance and always was under the impression that they were the best, no questions asked.

I then I got a letter in the mail soliciting the builder’s insurance company – and the quote ($30/mo) was more than half of what USAA’s was ($80/mo). I then compared some numbers between the two, and USAA’s insurance actually covered less (i.e. dwelling 162k vs 108k). I also looked at StateFarm and they were in the same ballpark as the builder’s company.

It is a townhouse and the purchase price is 240k. I’d say it’s above average for the area in terms of the inside. I’m told the HOA covers the roof and exterior shingles, etc, but I’d like to get insurance just incase they don’t. Is there something that I’m missing that USAA is worth twice the price of another company? I am all about spending money for what I’m getting, just double seems far off. Any suggestions on who else to get a quote from? Thanks!

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