No one knows when to change ATF on ANY car

It’s not in manufacturers’ scheduled maintenance for my Car, or most Cars, nowadays. Nobody knows what to do with it. People go and get fukk flushes thinking that they’re being shrewd and then their trannies grenade, we’ve all heard stories like that whether we choose to believe them or not.

The tribal knowledge of the Car world has basically become, at this point: “uhhh, it’s not in the maintenance schedule for some reason. A flush might wreck the tranny. Sooo… best thing to do is drain the fluid from the pan, which is only like 50% of the fluid, and then top it off. Yes, that will do!”

IMHO, the Engineers that Engineered your Car spent thousands of hours researching this stuff and probably know exactly how often it needs to be changed to optimise the longevity/performance of the tranny, but it seems like Car companies have realised two things: 1.) Doing a full flush every 10k or whatever would be a PITA for service departments and would either make the customer feel ripped off or increase the Car company’s overhead where maintenance is covered; 2.) Doing nothing will either result in the tranny randomly lasting forever, or failing at like 150k when it’s no longer the manufacturer’s problem (plus optimal timing for a New Car!) or something else entirely will kill the tranny so it’s moot.

It makes sense that it used to be in maintenance schedules back years ago where trannies wouldn’t have lasted as long, to optimise longevity of the unit so that it would at least last ~100k. But now, the Carmakers know they can probably get 150-200k out of a “sealed” tranny for all intents and purposes, and the maybe 5-10 or 25% that don’t make it that far are SOL but it’s NBD because that’s usually good enough. Somewhere, there is some pissed-off Engineer who created an excellent Maintenance Scheudule for your Car that guarantees 500k miles of service, who undoubtedly got shot down by Management and told to keep his mouth shut. Discuss.

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