Minor Not-At-Fault Accident Advice request

About a month ago I was rear ended on the way to work in a minor accident. This is the first time I’ve been in a not-at-fault accident. I contacted their insurance company, Progressive. Fast forward to now, they’ve ruled that their driver was at fault and has given me 3 options:

(A) Give me a check for $624

(B) Repair my car using their service center and to expect out-of-pocket costs(~$200). They will provide a rental car

(C) Repair my car at a service center of my choosing. They will provide a rental car.

I preliminarily had my car quoted at 2 other body shops, one quoted 670 the other 770 and this was just seeing my bumper, and assuming there is no structural damage underneath. I got off the phone kind of confused relaying that I’d think on it. Why am I expected to pay for any of this? Is this normal? Should I push for them repairing 100% of the damage if I take it to their service center? Advice is appreciated.

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