Just got the new Stinger GT2

I’ve had the car for less than 48 hours, but a few people have asked me to write up my thoughts on it. So here goes…

So far, I’m really loving it. I really love the look, the interior is really nice, it feels nice to drive and for what you get, it’s a great deal. This has got to be car that I feel safest in in terms of safety features cause this car has a lot.

You can watch or read reviews on all the good things about this car, so I’m going to skip that and talk about the downsides.

The only thing that I prefer in my WRX over this car (besides cost) is the handling. The WRX takes corners a lot better due to how tight it is. On the flip side though, I feel every single bump in the WRX and the Stinger has a much smoother ride. I don’t take cars to the track, so for every day driving or even on the curvy roads in the mountains near me, the Stinger seems to handle it just fine.

The tires are an issue for me, but that’s because of the area I live in. Right now, what the dealerships get is it, they can’t get different parts or configurations right now, so you are at the mercy of what’s in stock. Not a huge issue for me, but I live near Seattle. Average temp during the day is about 45-50 degrees F and the car (in GT trim) only comes with Summer tires. They are good summer tires (Michelin Pro Sport or whatever), but at those temps during the day and even lower at night, it’s not good and it makes me paranoid that I’m going to hit a patch of ice and slide my new car into a cement gutter and fuck it up. So I have to go out of pocket to get new tires put on it and I’ll have to figure out what to do with the Summer tires.

Dealerships are not prepared to sell this car. Most of the sales people that I talked to had the minimum information on the car, couldn’t answer my questions. At one point, I was teaching the staff more about the car since I had watched and read reviews on it. The one I wound up dealing with was very nice, but it’s definitely not a BMW or Audi dealership. But that’s not really a big issue for me.

Color choice is awful. It’s a matter of opinion, but the color choices from trim to trim, there is limited stock so for GT2, you have like 3 color choices. I hope they offer more combinations in the future or for the next model year, cause the level of customization that BMW and Audi offer wipes the floor with the Stinger.

Interior quality is really great. BMW and Audi offer a bit better feel, but for the price difference, the Stinger is a much better value. If you wanted the finest interior, you are definitely going to pay for it. If you want something that looks nice, feels nice, and just works well and don’t care about it being top of the line, the Stinger really offers a great choice. It’s also very roomy compared to a lot of the comparable cars from BMW and Audi.

Totally just my opinion, but I also like the look of the exterior way more than almost all BMWs (exception would be the M series) and all Audis.

Sorry for the novel. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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