I was rear ended, what now?

I live in Michigan, a no-fault state and have no collision insurance for the record

I was in a parked car and rear ended by a girl in a Jeep backing out behind me. We agreed not to call the cops (which was stupid now that I think about it) nor the insurance companies and she agreed to pay for the damages.

Took it to a collision place and the repairs will be $3200. I text her this and she said she can pay $2000 up front and the rest in monthly payments. 20 minutes later her mom calls telling me to take it up with her insurance and that they’re not paying anything since the cost is a lot more than my car’s worth and that her insurance will only cover $1000. She gave me her insurance policy # and agent number but refused to give her daughter’s driver’s license # or the license plate # of the Jeep.

I have no writing of her committing to the payment so I know I’m screwed there but what exactly should I do? File a police report? I’m 23 and never been in an accident so all this is new to me. Thank you.

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