How can I negotiate the best price after total loss of vehicle? (ON, Canada)

Hello, Long story short, I was in a bad car accident earlier this month in my brand new Honda CRV. It was a day over a month old.

My insurance company is insisting I turned down the waiver of depreciation, which I don’t recall even being told about but that’s not necessarily related to my question at this point. I’ve asked them to provide a transcript of the call to verify this. They will not let me hear the recorded call and say I would need a lawyer to get it, the guy on the phone strongly advised against it and said it would cost me too much in the long run.

My question is: what is the best way to negotiate a fair price for my vehicle and how should I best advocate for myself in this situation? My car dealership has actually offered to help me as well, but this is the first accident I’ve been in and i have no idea how to proceed. I haven’t even been provided with a price, but I’m wanting to prepare for the worst.

Should I have my paperwork for the sale and what it was worth to cite numbers?

Should I continue to stress that the waiver of depreciation was not offered/not adequately explained in order for me to make an informed decision?

Any advice is appreciated here.

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