Girlfriend hit by Drunk Driver, same Insurance

So we’re in Florida. My girlfriend’s brother was driving her home one night last weekend in her car and got side swiped at an intersection when a drunk driver ran a red light. The other driver was arrested for a DUI, but being shaken up and all, nobody could say for certain if they had a green light. I’m under the assumption that DUI means 100% at fault and that’s what her insurance claims representative told her.

However after the rep told her that, and that this same rep was taking the other case for the drunk driver, the payout for her totalled car didn’t change from the amount covered by her policy. This amount is only half of the car’s value once they take out the money owed on the car and her $1000 deductible, which I thought would be waived given the circumstances.

I’m concerned that she isn’t being treated fairly by this insurance company and that there should be an additional payout from the other driver’s policy. Any advice would be appreciated.

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