Why are turbochargers so common in rally cars?

I see that a lot (maybe all due to regulations) rally cars have turbo chargers. Even in grueling endurance races like the Dakar or Breslau, the vehicles often use turbos.

I know that they are more economical, more powerful, allow the engine to be smaller, and can help offset any elevation gain so rally cars can be lighter, use less fuel, make more torque, etc. but turbos also produce more heat and can be more prone to something going wrong when compared to NA. I’m curious to know if there’s some reason as to why rally cars/trucks use turbos especially when they drive in very rough terrain and reliability is paramount. Also, why no superchargers especially since torque delivery is much quicker than rallying (although I know anti-lag systems exist and I assume in things like rock climbing you can build boost before setting off)?

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