Should I file an auto insurance claim? Recent damage to car after at-fault accident. [ME]

Hi, r/Insurance! I don’t know where else to turn, so I thought I would come here to ask about my situation in Maine.

On November 21, I was involved in a rear-end collision and was found to be at-fault. The other driver went to the hospital with whiplash-like injuries and there did not appear to be significant damage to her car. My car, on the other hand, had an initial estimate of >$6K (it’s a 2016, so wasn’t totaled), but after repair (yesterday), the total came to just under $10K. I received a letter from a personal injury lawyer hired by the other person a couple weeks back, sent it to my insurance, and am hoping they don’t go for more than my $100K limit.

I got my car back from the shop yesterday. On my way home from the collision repair center, it was dark and I live in Maine, so a car going in the opposite direction had a large sheet of ice fly off their vehicle and hit mine. I was not able to see the vehicle, and I did not immediately see any damage, so I continued the ten minutes home.

I got home and found several damages, all totaling about $1,800 according to the estimate I got this morning. I contacted the police in the off-chance that someone else saw what happened and contacted them, but as expected, there’s really nothing they can do for me.

I am wondering if I should file a claim for this second incident? If so, would it be covered by collision or comprehensive (I have both with a $500 deductible)? The pro to filing a claim, as I see it, would be to not have to shoulder the whole cost of the repair (which I could do, but it would be inconvenient). The definite con is how much my premiums may increase, but is there also a possibility they may not renew my policy? I have had a completely clean record up to this point.

I am just so overwhelmed by all of this and it seems like I’m jinxed, that I don’t quite know what to do!

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