Remote start question: Way to signal into house that car is on?

I have an aftermarket 1-way remote start system that I installed on my 2009 Subaru Impreza. I recently moved to a new house, and the driveway can’t be seen from inside the house, so I can’t see whether the remote start actually received the signal from my keyfob.

I’m trying to think of some way I can tell from in the house whether the remote start has activated or not. I think some sort of signal or alerter that can be run off 12V that can…. activate a light, or something inside the house. I can’t really think of anything that would fit the bill. I could run it off the ACC or cig lighter, which are only activated when the ignition is on.

The remote start actually starts the car reliably. I just need a way to tell that it has been activated.

A simple RF transmitter of some kind would work great, I just can’t come up with any actual products.

Any ideas?

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