Rear ended and other driver wants to pay cash

Just want to get some input from others. Got rear-ended yesterday, pretty minor damage to my truck, the other guy got it way worse. But whatever, got his info, photos of: his license, insurance, license plate, damage. After all said and done, he suggests that he’d rather avoid using insurance for some weird reasons that I don’t particularly believe. The insurance card was in someone else’s name, but he said he just bought the car from said someone? Said I’d give him benefit of the doubt and let him know the estimate, go from there.

Estimate came in at about $700, but with the usual caveat of it may be worse once we start taking things apart, etc etc. Back-up sensors could be damaged. Trailer hitch may need work. Who knows. Told the guy is $700 off the bat, plus potentially more. He said he’s fine with it.

Now, I’m not one to judge, and I don’t care how it gets paid for, as long as he foots the entire bill, insurance or cash. So I’m inclined to be accommodating – I’ve been there myself and generally I’m a kind person. My concern is, kind people get taken advantage of.

I can collect the $700 beforehand, then find out it’s (possible a lot) more, and he’s no where to be found. What then? Do I at that point go through insurance? With work already being done? That doesn’t sound right. Would they even pay at that point? What if he decides to argue the total? I’ll have evidence, but a kind deed isn’t worth the headache of me going to court over it.

Should I let my insurance company know the deal and at least get a claim number, but not necessarily proceed to claim his insurance if he keeps his word?

TL/DR: Trying to be kind and allow the rear-ender to deal with the damage outside of insurance claim. However, rear-ender not certainly trustworthy, the damage estimate is open ended, and there’s only so much hassle I’m willing to handle. Thoughts on course of action?

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