My home was burglarized the day after Christmas and now I need advice on getting the most from my renters insurance.

Like the title says: Our home was burglarized but thankfully we have renters insurance. We need advice on determining the value of some items, as well as general advice for dealing with insurance after a robbery.

  1. Iterative electronics- some items that were an older Samsung s5 phone and a Nexus tablet. How should I determine the replacement value of something that is no longer available at retail?

  2. Small items- should I count small things like the Bic lighters the took off the table?

  3. The wife’s jewlery- according to our claim rep they only cover $1000 of the jewlery taken, about 1/3 of the actual value. Is there any way to fight/dispute such a low payout?

Thanks PersonalFinance!

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