Help please, Need home owners insurance advice

Please help as I do not know what to do. Our home owners insurance state farm sent us a letter a few weeks ago saying they are dropping us because of a claim earlier this year that is still going on. The claim is an odd one as me and my girl friend who own the house went on a 3 week vacation to Ireland and my girl friends parents agreed to both watch our dogs and house, upon arriving home our house looked something like a scene from Project X, blood on walls, burn holes in carpet, cocaine residue in my 4 year olds room, they also managed to steal my car and put 1,000 miles on it. so we called police and filed insurance to help with cleaning and replacing carpet from burns etc. We used the contractors that state farm had come with them to our house to look at damage. They recommended painting the house, cleaning the air, (whole house smelled like weed and cigarettes) replacing damaged flooring and furniture and stolen items. Everything seemed to work out they put us in a hotel while they did the work and were very nice police were starting investigation etc. Only real issue was family problems, we found out it was in fact my girl friends 17 year old younger sister and her friends who partied and destroyed our home, also later finding out her dad knew this had happened and had been lying to us the entire time acting like he had no idea when it happened or who did it. Fast forward everything was good my agent informed me my insurance would be going up 10% but since I had never had a claim we shouldnt worry about being dropped. we just received a letter 2 weeks before Christmas stating we were being dropped and no one can give me an actual reason as to why, they go back to the overall amount being more than 40,000. We have talked to a bunch of insurance provider most deny us or give us a price of 2,000 a year or more when we have been paying 970. I am really looking for advice or anything please let me know, our insurance cancles on the first we have home and 2 full coverage car polices through them and they are only canceling the home but we will likely be looking to get all 3 bundled

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