Harrasment following a test drive

Hi dont where to post this but im after some advice please. So my wife went to test drive an old Mk1 Rav4 On arrival the car was nothing like advertised very tatty and the test drive was literally a few hundred yards.

During this short drive the engine light came on and the guy told my wife to go steady as the brakes arent very good. My wife was alarmed and informed the guy that she drove on the motorway(highway) to which he responded that it would be unsafe in such circumstances.

After this it played on my wifes mind that someone else might buy it and be harmed, she left two online reviews which were fair and by no means brutal.

Following this the owner made calls to my wife leaving voice mails which were thinly vieled threats.

I dont want to escalate matters but i dont want anyone else to have the same issue Any advice much apprciated

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