Dropped car insurance, pay the same total amount for other two cars?

We have an old car that we don’t really drive (it drives, but it’s pretty broken, shakes/no AC etc, hasn’t been driven in months). State Farm says we can drop collision and keep comprehensive on it (she called the policy suspended for that car but that doesn’t really make sense to me as that means to me no payment no insurance- it still should be X amount. Potentially trying to sell it so don’t want to cut insurance completely) – but since my under 25 brother was the assigned driver on it, he has to move to a different vehicle which would increase the rate from 600 to 900 for 6 months for that car. The collision insurance on the garaged car is about 300 so there is no difference for less coverage. I guess i don’t know how this works and wanted to rant a bit. The other car is a newer car so I understand the risk would go up on that car and thus the “rate increase” but just seems unfair.

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