Best way to prevent doors from freezing closed?

A lot of us are at the beginning of the first real cold spell of the year, myself included. I’ve already had to peel open the nearly-frozen-shut door of my car a couple times, and I’d like to prevent it in the future.

The best advice seems to be:

  1. Keep the door seal clean and dry

  2. Apply something to the weather stripping and door frame to prevent them from freezing together.

For the first part, I think a quick wipe with something fast-drying like rubbing alcohol would be best. But there doesn’t seem to be consensus on what to use for step 2.

  • Lifehacker says to use cooking spray, but that blog is more geared toward people unlikely to have a selection of “real” lubricants to choose from.

  • Silicone spray seems like a good option to me…clear, easy to apply, should be rubber-safe, but it might not last as long.

  • Lithium Grease would probably work better and last longer, but you’d have to be more careful with the application

  • Brake grease seems like it would last even longer, but it would be harder to apply cleanly, and might not be paint/rubber safe depending on the formula

  • WD-40 would be good at getting the moisture out, but it dries quickly and isn’t good on rubber

  • General aerosol lubricating oil would probably be too thin to last very long

  • A thin coat of motor oil would probably work, but be a little messy

  • Beeswax or board wax might work well too, if you happen to have it around. Should last a long time and be inert. I have black hockey stick wax and my car is black, maybe I’ll try that on one door

Anyone have any greater insight? Right now, I’m thinking I’ll try something different on each door and see how they compare.

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