3rd accident in two months, needing advice

1st accident was my first ever (in my thirties) and was a fender bender (my fault) – supposedly I have accident forgiveness. No injuries in either side and my vehicle was the one damaged, the other far less significant.

2nd accident was a hit and run, cosmetic damage to my bumper, option to file that as uninsured.

3rd is where I am frustrated – driver turned into our lane (ours was solid green), stated he was uninsured and literally fled the scene, leaving his vehicle there. Cops agreed on site the geometry of the accident supported our claim (driver fleeing adds to it) but my insurance company is playing tango with this accident – whether it falls under collision (awaiting something from the police), uninsured, or if the police can pull anything from the registered vehicle.

Questions are

1) is my premium going up

2)what exactly my insurance company is waiting on from the police before they proceed with repairs.

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