2002 TL 3.2 car in cold..

It’s an Acura 2002, TL 3.2, with over 200k miles on it. Just curious what tips i should take before driving this car because sometimes when the temperatures are around 15 degrees, it’s hard to turn on the car engine, takes more time the colder it is!

Few questions :

Q1: If the engine doesn’t start due to cold, what should i do?

Q2: If the engine starts, how long do i wait till i can drive? Does driving immediately bad for the car?

Q3: Does turning on the heat help the car warm up?

Q4: When i turn on the heat, cold air comes out, should i leave it on to cycle the cold air out?

Q5: What is that symbol where there is a picture of a car and a counterclockwise in the middle? Does that mean it will heat up the entire car?


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