[1976 Duster] Help finding my old car. I have the VIN.

Hey everyone, I could use a little bit of help finding my old car from when I was in high school. (was in high school in the mid 90s).

Its a 1976 Plymouth Duster, with the “Feather Duster” package. I sold it to a now-gone dealership in Kileen TX.

I’m in NC, and drove the car to my first US-based duty station (Fort Hood TX) in July 1998. The car had no AC and I ended up using it as a trade-in at a now-gone dealership in Kileen TX.

I have the VIN and TX DMV was able to tell me the car was last registered in Sept 2004, when the registration expired. TX DMV told me that they have no records of it being sold anywhere, so presumably the car is still with the owner(s) who let the registration run out 13 years ago. TX DMV wouldn’t tell me who is on the registration, but they did say that it was in Williamson County TX.

So I’m hoping that someone (or someone that knows someone) is in/around that area and might have seen the car around or know anything about it, including a potential point of contact.

Its only a 225-ci slant 6 with a 3 speed automatic transmission, but it was cool to me then and is still cool to me now so it’d be pretty neat to find it. If its destroyed or just gone, then that’s ok, but if not, then that’d be awesome too.

Here’s a pic of the car when I owned it. This picture was taken not long before I drove it to TX, around July 1998.


Thanks everyone!

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