Should I Buy A Manual First Car Despite Not Knowing How To Drive Manual?

I’m an American who’s considering a manual as their first car. I’ve read a lot on r/cars and I’ve heard a lot from people who used to drive manuals. I don’t know anyone who owns a manual that isn’t valuable so I can’t learn before purchasing. I don’t want to waste a ridiculous amount of money on renting a car for a day so I’d like to avoid that. I’d like to include that I’m still in high school but that’s probably irrelevant.

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Has anyone ever driven or ridden in a car that immediately disappointed you?

Recently I rode in a rental Kia Sportage, the newer froggy looking one, and I immediately understood why people like to rag on Kia.

I’ve ridden in about 4 other crossovers in my life and they’re all pretty similar vehicles in the ride and handling aspects. A little harsh in ride, a little dull in handling, and heavy feeling in any case. Of course, they’re essentially heavier, lifted sedans so it’s only fair that they’re like that. But the Kia just seemed worse in every aspect.

I learned to drive in a 2003 CR-V with almost 200k on it and it felt like a more refined machine. The ride was handling, the handling felt less secure (as much as I could tell from the backseat of the Kia anyway) and it was somehow louder and tinnier, which is quite a feat coming from a CR-V. Everything about the Sportage just screamed “appliance”, and not a good one either, just an average one. It was like the automotive equivalent of a $30.00 coffee maker; not the worst but certainly not the best.

Maybe I’m just not used to crossovers but if that’s a typical crossover then I want nothing to do with them.

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Prevention vs treatment.

I’m guessing that effective prevention is cheaper in the long run than most treatments. I.e. wellness checks etc. if it is cheaper then insurance companies have a financial incentive to provide preventive care. Does anyone happen to know if contraception, vasectomy, tubal ligation etc are cheaper than prenatal care, delivery etc? Also the long term costs of 2nd and additional children for employer provided policies that have a single “family” rate regardless of 1 or many children. Apologies if this is the wrong place to pose this question. Also a search didn’t bring up the answers I was looking for.

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The difference between a dealership and an independent tire shop.

If anyone needs more reasons to avoid a dealership for basic things, here you go:

It was time to change the front pads on my Audi, and of course it’s been so long since I’ve had to remove the wheel that I had lost the wheel lock key. No big deal, I assume, I’m sure any tire shop will have a master key.

First place I go to says, “Sorry that wheel takes a special key and the lugs are sunk so deep (R8) that we can’t properly bust them off without damaging the wheel. You can go to a dealer and buy the key for about $20.”

So I go to a dealer in North Hollywood, and ask about buying the key. $90. Okay, more than I wanted to spend for something I’m going to use ONCE then replace with normal lugs.

Unfortunately, they seemed to be the only place that had the key available. Then I got an idea. “Hey, you don’t have to sell it to me, just take them off for me and I’ll replace them with normal lugs on the spot.

“Okay. $110 labor.”

Long story short, I eventually find a tire shop who had the key. They took them off AND gave me new lugs for $20.

I’ve been going to them loyally with all 3 of my cars for a year now.

inb4 do brakes yourself inb4 u can afford R8 u can afford to waste money inb4 the dealership was doing what they’re supposed to

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Bought my first Manual car this week!

Hello r/Cars, I bought myself a 2005 BMW 530i this week and since I’m new to manuals I just had a quick question.

First of all the car drives amazingly. I’ve been getting better at not stalling it (mainly driving around empty parking lots at night to practice). But my biggest concern is getting stopped at a red light on a hill.

How can I start driving after being stopped on a hill without rolling back? Or are there any tips to lessen how much I roll back? Any help is appreciated, thank you guys!

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2011 Acura TL – should I buy?

I need a car for my college aged daughter. Had a budget of between $5k – $10k, wanted something used, nice, reliable, etc. Was talking to a good friend of mine about it and he said he is about to buy a new car – would I like to buy his 2011 Acura TL – SH-AWD, loaded. 165k miles, almost all highway as his job has him travelling quite a bit.

Just got it home to test it for a few days – it’s super clean, drives incredibly smooth, etc. He’s asking about $6k for it, and he’s the type of guy where if something major happens in the first six months he’ll buy it back because he’s loaded and he’d rather maintain a friendship than have me feel like he screwed me.

Thoughts? My daughter is 20 and will use this to go back and forth to/from college once every month or two and will drive it scarcely at school. We are in northern Ohio, so snow is a factor. He’s got a set of winter rims he’s throwing in that I can put snow tires on.

Thoughts on this car, the price, the reliability and expected maintenance costs, how many miles I should expect out of it, etc?

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