So I could use some advice.

Sorry this is long… Sooo I already filed a police report. Let me give you a quick glance ant what the last 2 hrs are like.

I'm at work with a customer. I hear my name and though I try to explain to my manager I'm with said customer he said I have to look at my car. I park my on the street by my job and i guess someone hit my car while it was parked there. Now the car is uninsured and registered in someone else's name. I just bought the car. So I arrive, the driver was drunk left,came back,and was arguing with everyone. Like 7 people saw my car get smashed before i did. So I call the police and my boyfriend. This was the first time anything like this happened. I'm pretty ypung and this guy was underage. He wasn't even arrested because someone else drove him back and there wasn't proof…who knows cops can get shitty sometimes. But yeah I'm now freaked out cause my car drives wierd. if I didnt live 2 miles away I would have towed it.they filed a claim for my car but again I'm uninsired and the car isn't in my name. I don't feel comfortable driving so I lost my car. Any advice? (Again sorry its long)

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