Drive safe and Save?

I'm getting new insurance. Does anyone have experience with this Drive Safe and Save program from State Farm?

I know my friend had the Progressive version, which encourages unsafe driving habits (run red lights instead of braking, swerving rapidly instead of breaking quickly, trying to decide what the slowest you can slow down to avoid an accident is in an emergency situation, etc). I'd never get that one. Anyone know what information all this device would send? Is it really just mileage or is it other stuff too?

Did your rate actually go down, or was it more of a "We lower your rate for 6 months then jack it up for something unrelated"?

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Keep and Your Car Insurance Rates Low and Not Expensive

When you buy your dream car does not take insurance costs into account? Loss of data Institute of highway cost deals for collision insurance claims and theft. Facts about four car doors is 93% less likely to have an insurance claims in relation to the same two door version. The cost of repair or replacement of a more expensive vehicle means a higher premium. A vehicle with a better location protection damage will cost less to insure. Some cars are more likely to be stolen, therefore, have higher premiums. When you buy a new or newer take all these factors into account car.

Many insurance companies still use your age, history, type of vehicle and where you live or work run to determine your insurance costs. Did you know that your credit history is also a factor in the amount you pay for insurance? If you have little or no credit, it is best to ask your insurance company how they determine fees. Buying insurance from a company that also lending rates means you pay more! Shop around and get at least five appointments. The reason insurers use credit information is because they feel there is a direct correlation between credit scores and anticipated requirements.

Take advantage of the discounts offered by your insurance company. Most insurance companies offer a variety of discounts. There are discounts for car safety features as antilock brakes and airbags. In most states, if you take a defensive driving course or a refresher course for seniors, you will be able to get a discount. Some insurance companies will give a discount of more vehicles. If you have a free registration of damage in a number of years, some companies will reward you with a loyalty discount. Depending on the age of the vehicle you drive, compare the cost of falling accident and insurance for lower premiums. Remember that it costs less to insure a four-door sedan $ 16,000 a sports model $ 30,000.

There are ways to reduce the amount you pay for! Use all the benefits allowed by your insurance company. If no offer discounts, shop around and get at least five appointments. You will save money.

Robert Barabash owns a website that explains the different types of insurance, so that the public can understand. The valuable information allows you to make an informed decision. You can also get five quotes with no obligation on all types of insurance products, such as auto, home, renters, life, disability and pet insurance.

About Insurance for Antique and Classic Cars, Is there any Specifics

People frequently seek insurance to protect the items they collect. This is especially true for people who collect antique and classic cars. When purchasing car insurance, collectors look at specific aspects of the coverage. The overarching concern is to maintain the value of the car at all times. Insurance helps protect the investment of money put into restoring and maintaining antique and classic cars.


There is no unifying definition of “antique” for insurance purposes. It is not unusual for insurance providers to establish specific guidelines for this group of cars. Some may actually lump antique and classic cars together as collector cars.

A car is determined to be a “classic” from an insurance standpoint if the vehicle is at least 20 years old. Furthermore, to qualify for classic car insurance, the vehicle must contain all original parts from the time it was originally manufactured and be in good shape. Otherwise, standard auto insurance is sufficient for older cars.


If you actually drive your classic car, even infrequently, your insurance premiums will be higher. The primary reason for this is because older cars have fewer safety features that make them higher risks for insurance companies. Classic auto insurance is very different from standard insurance. While each insurance company has individual qualifying requirements, there are several aspects that most policies have in common.

Your coverage will limit the number of miles you can drive your car each year. The intent is to reduce risk. You will be allowed to drive the car to events such as car shows. Leisure driving should be kept to a minimum. To make sure you meet this requirement, you may have to prove you own additional vehicles for everyday use and have standard insurance on them.

Classic cars that have been modified in ways that increase risk may not be covered. The insurance company will even have a say in how and where you store your classic car. Your car must be protected adequately when not in use. High-risk drivers may find it impossible to secure classic car insurance if they have had violations within the past five years.

Most collectors prefer insurance coverage with an agreed value option for claims. This means that you and the company will mutually determine the value or worth of your classic car at the time the policy is being developed. This reduces the likelihood of disputes if something happens to your car.

Affordable Car Insurance For Teens from Top Auto Insurance Companies

Cheap and Best Car Insurance Companies for Teens

Car insurance companies has dependably been seen as a pointless administration by numerous drivers. This is a direct result of various elements, for example, the certainty of a driver of his driving ability and in addition the high expenses of getting an auto insurance. For a few, auto insurance companies offer expensive premiums and quotes that make up an immense rate of their month to month spending plan. Intermittently, drivers are left with no decision however to purchase expensive auto insurance because of the state laws that require it. Luckily, there are some shoddy car insurance companies that give the same support of a lesser value contrasted with different companies.Cyber Auto Insurance

In light of the developing number of expensive auto insurance companies and strategy holders alike, a few third party insurers have been set up to take into account the business sector. As an aftereffect of stricter state laws as to car insurance companies combined with the disappointment of a few drivers with their expensive policies, these third party insurers have seen a large demand for there services by numerous drivers.

These auto insurers are step by step developing in number for as far back as couple of years. These third party insurers offer great administration at truly competitive rates. Be that as it may, the services may not contrast well and the car insurance companies policies of more expensive and more prominent car insurance companies. Because of the cheaper rates they offer, their premiums may exclude certain coverage that will undoubtedly make the rates higher.

Another motivation behind why these companies offer shoddy premiums is the opponent costs of their opposition. For a couple of dollars that they lose with their quotes contrasted with quotes of different car insurance companies, despite everything they procure much over the long haul since numerous drivers who are on a financial plan will pick car insurance companies that offer the least expensive bundles.

The main thing an auto proprietor needs to do to discover shabby insurers is by searching for them in his region. As usual, rates will contrast as per various variables that cant be changed, for example, the make, model, and the year of the auto. Different variables that are not identified with the vehicle itself are the sexual orientation, age, and driving history of the auto proprietor. Another critical component is the state the auto proprietor lives in. These rates will undoubtedly change yearly so it is prescribed to search for better arrangements after every year.

Cyber Auto InsuranceAnother powerful strategy is to utilize the yellow pages of the phone book. These yellow pages can contain various car insurance companies and in this way giving the auto proprietor more decisions.

While considering various insurers, an car insurance companies ought to request the greatest number of quotes as he can. Another tip to get cheaper quotes is to utilize the same safety net provider for other insurance policies, for example, home insurance. car insurance companies tend to offer shoddy bundles to arrangement holders who buy a blend of policies from them.

Modest auto insurance companies are ample if an auto proprietor chooses to profoundly consider the cost of an auto insurance arrangement. Be that as it may, it is still his obligation to ensure that the car insurance companies he considers are certifiable and give great administration.

How to Choose Not Expensive Auto Insurance

Choose the cheap car insurance

Almost all back up plans calculate, evaluate, and survey chance differently. Thus, they often reach altogether different conclusions with reference to what to charge you in premiums. To augment your most likely of discovering cheap car insurance rates we suggest that you dedicate as much time as it takes to appropriately conduct your value examinations. In addition to looking at the best costs, you can do a lot of other things which ought to put you in a stronger position to spare the most cash on protecting you and your vehicle.

Numerous back up plans offer discounts and reductions which can impact your bottom line when it comes time for them to offer you your premium costs. Your driving record, occupation, organizational affiliation, marital status, age, vehicle, and vehicle equipment can potentially help you to get cheap car insurance quotes when you go to search for them. The more discounts that you can find that are relevant for you and your particular set of circumstances, the greater probabilities you need to get low premiums. If its not too much trouble remember that every supplier offers its own particular discounts. Furthermore, discount reductions fluctuate from guarantor to safety net provider.

Lessening cheap car insurance or eliminating superfluous scope might likewise be another methodology for you to consider. Contingent upon your particular set of circumstances, it might bode well for you to lessen as well as eliminate certain scope. Thusly, you can grab get closer to getting cheap auto insurance rates. For instance, if you drive an automobile that is worth under $2,000, you might wish to consider dropping your impact and far reaching scope. Your impact scope pays for repairs to your vehicle if it is harmed in a secured accident. Far reaching scope pays for repairs to your vehicle if it is harmed by a natural disaster or perhaps theft and vandalism. If your vehicle has a low esteem to it, it might not be worth repairing if sustains significant harm.

Raising your impact as well as far reaching deductibles will likewise help you to diminish your premiums. In any case, it is important to carefully measure the upsides and downsides of raising your deductible before doing as such. Yes, raising your deductibles will make it less demanding for you to get a cheap auto insurance quote. On the other side when you raise your deductibles you take on more money related danger. Also, if your vehicle is ever harmed, you will considered monetarily in charge of a greater amount of the repairs. A few individuals can deal with this additional budgetary danger, while for others it bodes well for them to leave their deductibles where they currently stand.

Numerous back up plans will offer you further funds on your premiums if you package your arrangements together. For instance, if you possess a home and have it protected with one company and you have your automobile scope with a different company, it is an astute thought to perceive the amount of every company is willing to diminish your premiums for packaging your scope. You will find that safety net providers will offer you lessened premiums if you accomplish more business them. If you are interested in discovering which companies offer the biggest discounts for packaging your approaches we suggest that you search for cheap car insurance on the web.

Can I put my car on my grandpas insurance even though his name is not on the title

So I live in California and just recently bought a car. I previously had car insurance on a vehicle that had mine and my grandfathers name on the title. The new car has only my name. When I called to put the new car on the insurance policy they did not ask me what names are on the title, they just gave me a new policy insuring me and my grandfather on the new car.

Now My mother is Saying that I can’t have the car insured under my grandpas policy of his name is not on the car. Is this correct?


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Vehicle Insurance Savings, A couple of Tips

Many factors influence the cost of auto insurance. But there are several steps you can take to be sure you are enjoying maximum savings on your insurance. Following are the top six tips from industry experts.


Your driving record is perhaps the most important factor insurers use to calculate rates. The safer you are as a driver, the lower your premiums. The longer you go without getting tickets or being involved in accidents, the better your rates. You can enhance this even more by taking a refresher driving course. Driving laws change all the time and you can get a discount simply by taking this type of instruction.


Many drivers are still unaware their credit scores are used to calculate insurance premiums. Before selecting a new policy or insurer, check to see what your credit score is so you are prepared. If you do not agree with your credit score, get it fixed before purchasing new insurance. Notify your current insurer when your credit has been repaired. They may not check this each year, and you could be penalized with higher rates even though you now have good credit.


Even if you stay with the same insurance provider each year, take a look at their new discount offers. Do not assume your insurance agent will contact you and offer discounts. You need to do the leg work here. If there is a new discount you feel you are eligible to receive, contact your agent and ask to have it applied to your policy.


This goes for your car and home. Certain cars have higher insurance rates because they are less safe, have high theft rates, and cost more to repair. Rather than buy a car because you like it, check to see which vehicles have the lowest insurance rates and consider those ones first. Where you buy a home can also affect your car insurance rates. If you buy in a safe neighborhood, you will have lower rates. Living in urban areas will increase premiums.


Consider the value of your vehicle compared to the impact a claim will have on your insurance rates. The more claims you have, the more risk you pose to your insurer which results in higher premiums. Only submit claims when the financial benefit is obvious.


Even if you are not actively looking for new auto insurance, get insurance quotes each year to make sure you are still paying the lowest rates possible. If you are not, consider switching auto insurance or ask your current provider to adjust your premiums.

Get an Auto Insurance Quote via Internet

When it comes to car insurance, it will always be better than you find most beautiful quotes businesses. You could basically go from the insurance offices to another local level, but the best way to get a lot of appointments would go through the Internet and search there. Here are some things you should consider when looking for the best car insurance.

I never drive without car insurance

Although you might think it would only hand out cash because he believes something would happen to you on the road, it is still better than it has. Not only that, it is mandatory, you can definitely save you from having to spend a lot of money in repairs itself is not caused. You should try to find one that is cheaper but has a wide coverage.

Never forget that the competition is huge

Since getting car insurance is mandatory, some parts of the world competition in this type of niche is simply huge. It certainly means that the prices on offer can vary from company to company; characteristics may also be the same. But never completely stop looking for the best and you can still find one that can offer great coverage and, of course, one that is cheaper.

Never shop without sufficient information

You will never get anywhere without the right information in the search for car insurance quotes first. The required information is as follows your social security number, your name, date of birth, the model of your vehicle and make its registration number, identification number, number of licenses, their reasons for running list of other drivers to be included in the policy, the security features of your vehicle (if any), the average mileage when traveling, and other information if the company requests it.

Never forget to look through the various comparison sites

You should always remember that when you compare quotes, you can not get one that would be perfect in a matter of minutes. It would take hours to find the perfect when compared with prices. This is due to massive competition. But you should never tired of it. It would take a long time to find one with the best coverage and cheaper compared to the rest. When searching for the right, you should take at least two or three of the best. It would ensure getting the best deal.

Never forget to find one with good customer service

Who wants to bother with companies that have representatives rude customer service? You could get what you need, when you talk to a representative of an auto insurance company that is friendly and prompt. Even if you think it is not so important, you still need to take this into consideration when looking for your auto insurance.

Car Insurance for Non Owners


People who do not own (or long-term lease) the vehicle they are driving still need to get an auto insurance policy to cover their liability, as well as financial and physical risks.

People who need non owner auto insurance include:

• Long-term renters

• Frequent renters

• Those borrowing a vehicle for an extended period

• Those borrowing a vehicle regularly


While rental insurance seems cheap, it becomes very expensive for long-term or repeat terms. The risk of accident increases dramatically, as do the rates.

In addition, you do not get full protection from most rental policies. It is better to be certain and get a full auto insurance policy to cover your when you are in a vehicle you do not own.


Normally when someone who does not own the vehicle they are driving is in an incident, the owner’s auto insurance still covers everything. However, there are three important game-changing scenarios to consider:

1) The owner’s insurance limit is exceeded

Every policy has limits on what it will cover financially, or even in terms of the type of coverage itself. If a non owner gets into a collision and either the insurance won’t cover all of the damages to the vehicle owner or other people involved in the collision, it falls to the driver to cover the costs. You will be in a world of hurt if you don’t have the money or insurance to pay for this. Non owners insurance makes up for this disparity.

2) You aren’t covered after all because of long-term or repeat use

Many auto insurance companies require anyone who will drive the car regularly to be listed on the policy. This is because each driver’s record must be included in the risk assessment in order to determine the proper premiums. If they find out a driver wasn’t listed or the company wasn’t informed properly, they could drop the policy and deny any claims. This means it is up to your or the vehicle owner to cover all of the costs of the collision, should you be at fault. How do you determine who has to pay? Well, that’s the next point.

3) Lawsuits

The vehicle owner or the other person in the collision could easily sue you, the driver, for your part in the accident.


Auto Insurance

It is very important to get a good insurer for your motor vehicle. So when buying an insurance for your car you must compare between various companies, their commitments and services they offer, so that you can chose the best option. The American automobile association (AAA) is a federation of motor clubs through north america. AAA car insurance is very renowned for providing roadside service assistance, auto repair, travelling or trip planning, motoring advice and traffic safety. It also offers high quality automobile insurance to members as well as non-members.

What to look for while buying an insurance for your vehicle-#Brand-This is most important parameter while selecting which insurance to buy. 1A companies brand is built over the year based on its customer review and satisfaction.#Coverage-Next thing to check for is the coverage that the insurer is providing. You should select the right insurance cover that suits your requirement.#Customer Service- Check how fast and stress free is the companies claim settlement process would be if your vehicle meets an accident.#Premium-The premium charged should be an important criteria for buying a car insurance policy but the decision shouldnt be driven based on low premium quote only. Being a AAA member has its own advantages. It has an easy system to use for its members. You can ask for a quote online or you may call customer support ask them for quote. AAA car insurance has a coverage over a vast area. They can even provide service in an area which they dont have coverage with the help of other well known agencies. If you have an accident you can find an AAA repair facility using the online locator or you can use your own mechanic and claim for a reimbursement later.

AAA car insurance can give you a great discount if you can do the following#Take a defensive driving course-You can get a discount on your premiums by doing a defensive driving course.#Pay your premium once annually- Pay your premium in a go instead of paying in installments throughout the year.#Combine your policies- You can indeed get a discount when you combine your home insurance or other vehicle insurance along with your AAA car insurance.#Membership- You can get AAA membership to avail extra discount on car insurance.
Being a member you can also avail following benefits:#Replacement cost coverage on new vehicles#Cell phone, Laptop or tablet computer replacement coverage#Substitute Transportation#Personal belongings replacement#Pet Injury Coverage#Seat belt and air bag death benefit Etc.. Coverage are subject to policy terms. You can contact an agent to understand the benefits better.11

AAA has a mobile app designed to help you in finding hotels, restaurants and request roadside assistance like to tow. You can manage your account or file a claim online. AAA has a great customer base and a high customer rating which proves the customer satisfaction. But the only problem with AAA is that some of its benefits are available in only few states. So you have to get a quote and analyze the benefits before buying a car insurance.

AAA car insurance might have higher premiums and fewer options then many other car insurance agency, but it has amazing customer service and discounts for AAA members. It is always easy to decrease the premium of your insurance by compromising on some fronts. But you should make sure that you still have the right coverage to fit your requirements. After all insurance is worthless if it cant help you when you need it.