A Quick and Dirty Guide to Finding Car Insurance

Auto insurance is extremely regional as well as variable due to many factors, including the “garaging” zip code, age, gender, education, type of vehicle, tickets, credit score, time of the year, etc.) so I can’t recommend one carrier over another.

(Working on providing outside of the US info, but for the most part this is tailored to US users)

The best advice is to do your shopping and collect quotes from the major insurers. Do this on a yearly basis, especially if under 25 and not on a family umbrella plan.

The major providers in the US being AAA, Esurance, GEICO, Liberty Mututal, and Progressive, also Country Companies and American Family.

Additional info from a insurance broker:

Ensure that your bodily injury limits are at a minimum 50/100, often times state minimum coverage will be offered and I can assure you that it is not a sufficient amount. Secondly, if your vehicle is newer, get full coverage insurance that includes both collision and comprehensive coverage. When reviewing deductible options, I strong recommend you keep comprehensive at either $100 or $0, as it is the coverage that will insure you if your windshield breaks etc.Reddit comment Source

Maximize discounts: Finally, when you select a carrier, ensure that you take advantage of all discount programs they offer. These may include electronic billing, payment in full or automatic payments. If you do this, it will ensure that you receive the best possible rate you can.

Tips and tricks

When you do online quotes, download Google Voice and set it up and use that number. That way you’re not constantly fielding requests and calls from agents after the fact. For the rest, use your real info because the quote will be entirely based on that and you do yourself no favors by putting in fake info here.

Same with email – if you have a secondary email, use that. If you use Gmail, add a +tag to your email address (the site should allow) to filter all those requests to one tag. From there, you can go into Filters in Gmail and set up a condition so that all emails to Jim+Quotes@gmail.com (as an example) will go to a special mail box. That means you can turn off emails once you’re done looking.

Ex: Jim+Quotes@Gmail.com

Find unique discounts:

University alumni association

Credit Union Discounts

Work discounts

Military – See USAA info below

AAA defensive driving course– Do this. This can save up to 20% on a policy (depending on your risk profile) by taking a usually 25-$40 online course. No direct link, but search for “aaa defensive driving” to find your local chapter.

USAA is one of the highest rated insurance companies by far, but there is a catch – you have to have some connection to someone in the military. If you can get on a policy for six months, you can get your own separate policy with USAA.

Please let us know if you’d have any more suggestions. Otherwise – we wish you luck with your quick and dirty (and hopefully a bit cheaper) auto insurance search!

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