I want to turn my 350z into a full fledged race car. Where do I start?

I have a bone stock 03 Nissan 350z and I want to turn it into a race car. Something I can take to track days, autocross, maybe even drifting (if I ever become rich enough to afford the tires..) This is the first time that I’ve actually had some spare change to start modifying it and I’m not sure where I should start. Some things I know I definitely want:

New exhaust system

Different wheels


Roll cage

Bucket seats

I have about $1500 and I know I can get maybe one of those things to start, which makes the most sense to do first?

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State Farm claims process questions

Hey guys, so, I was involved in an auto accident that was not my fault in April of 2017. The offending driver’s insurance company was State Farm. They recently reached out to me via email requesting I send them my medical bills and records to them. They called me back today and said that they had received them and had “labeled them for analysis via a third-party source” and didn’t really tell me what comes next. I searched a little online, but it seems like State Farm does not have a lot of the same procedures many other insurance companies do. If anyone with personal experience with this or knows how it works, I’d like to know what happens next and when I can expect to start negotiations with them.

Also, note that I have opted to settle with SF directly instead of hiring an attorney.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Retrofitting projectors in reflector head lights?

I’ve looked up a few Youtube videos on how to do them but I was wondering if anyone here has any hands on experience? Is it a difficult project? Do you have to “gut” the head light assembly to fit the projectors in there? Which projectors do you recommend? (I have a Scion iA/Yaris iA). Thanks all!

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Looking for OBD iPhone app that alerts me when Maintenance Needed

Got an OBD reader for my car and am currently using it to automatically log my odometer since I need that for logging my mileage at work. I was thinking it would be nice to have an app that when reading that mileage would alert me to something like, “You just hit 75,000 miles. The following maintenance is due: Rotate Tires, Inspect cooling system and hoses…”. All I seem to find are check engine light readers.

I did see EcoDrive OBD, but there aren’t any reviews of the latest version. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ecodrive-obd-car-maintenance/id983844976?mt=8

Anyone have experience with that app or with another one?


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Pricing advice in new car

I live in socal and recently bought a new 2017 camry for 24k i paid what was listed on the window flat. Im guessing thats sticker price? I got 0%apr & didnt have to pay anything extra I heard that paying sticker price is bad and that you should always try to pay well under? How badly did i get screwed? Thanks in advanced

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U.S (OH) Legal advice, help I got into an accident without Insurance!

Well, I really put myself in a tough position here, but I am seeking a way to at least make this right for my friend involved. I moved to a new part of Ohio a few months ago with a friend, and in the process my car broke down, my sub frame was rotted out. I ended up working close by and in turn kept my license and registration updated but opted out of car insurance as I do not drive, and buy groceries by foot and do anything I need locally. Prior to me ever using the car we discussed in event of an emergency I could use the car if needed and friend explained they thought they had good coverage for anyone driving the vehicle and gave me an insurance card for the vehicle. So comes early December last year, I get a call from my mom about a terrible migraine, now it seems small but she fell 2 years ago had a nasty subarachnoid hemorrhage and has had scar tissue and problems since, I did not want her to worry about an ambulance as I am about an hour away and opted to go see her and see what I could do or drive her in if necessary. My friend was out for the day and night with friends, and I took the car, and called then sent a text that they did not receive until later on. During this time, I ended up getting off of the interstate, onto a road that had very wet conditions and with temperature dropping and snow, it became slippery. I slid rounding the end of the turn on a 35 mph road that the turn had an arrow suggesting to slow down. I was driving 20 mph because of conditions and the car behind me let officers know I was driving very slow, half way through the car slid and I over corrected it and it “fishtailed”. Sent my front half partially into oncoming traffic at which point I struck a large truck. My cars airbags deployed and it was rough but I felt fine, and thank god the other driver was fine as well, he actually greeted me first think I was stunned for a few moments afterwards. The police gave me a ticket for failure to control because of conditions and circled snowy icy wet etc on the ticket which at first I was concerned about. Had my license looked at and insurance, and then after about 30 minutes an ambulance arrived for me at which point I declined it. My phone was on the brink of dying so I text my friend what had happened, and the strangers who were behind me god bless their souls felt terrible and drove me the rest of the way to my mothers so I could check on her ( she ended up being alright but very woozy and partially out of it). So fast forward, a few weeks, car was appraised much less than my friend though, insurance considered it “totaled”. I felt terrible, gave my statements to insurance on 2 seperate occasions first with a woman a day or so after, second interview was 2 weeks after that. The guy was interested in the ticket, which I actually read everything to him and he chuckled and said “that’s less than a parking ticket your fine” and explained what the ticket was a little clearer and said it was probably “cheap” which it wasn’t to me but I guess better than other things out there. My friend ends up getting a new car, paying money to insurance, and getting some back for the car, and starting a lease on a new one, that laughably I will never ever drive ( even though I only drove the old one twice in my life including the accident ). Weird thing, 2-3 days ago my friend gets a call from their insurance agent stating that the guy I hit went to the hospital after the accident! I didn’t realize he needed to go because he was walking around on the phone and was in a much less damaged much larger vehicle but apparently he did, not only this but they are claiming that all of the car damage from him and his medical bills are on me and my insurance company! Now I did a quick look online, and literally my heart sunk into my chest today, as a young man I almost cried to be honest when finding out from what google says I needed insurance and not the car I am driving. Regardless, I need to man up and call the insurance rep,I would just like to know if I have any rights in this at all. Firstly and foremost I really do not want my friend in any legal trouble or trouble with their insurance, I took the car it was on me, and I can see myself being raked over the coals for this but need to spare them as I am already paying them back what I felt morally responsible on my modest salary currently. If I can do anything or anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, I have felt like a criminal throughout the entire process and it was honestly just an accident. I finally thought this was behind me and now after nearly 3 months it’s all being brought back up in the worst way, I feel like things are unraveling and I don’t know what I can do =/

Edit. Would like to add the guy I hit was physically and cognitively was doing well for the 15 minutes after the accident, and found out he went in to get checked up and did well. When I declined the ambulance I did not see him in it, and when I left the ambulance was still there so he must have gotten in afterwards. I did not mean to sound cold, I just couldn’t believe hearing it for the first time after 3 months, knowing that 30 maybe 40 minute passed of him talking on the phone and looking okay, I was shocked to hear he opted the ambulance after I left.

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Burnt smell Honda Civic Si

So I recently got a 2017 Honda Civic SI, I have been driving perfectly well considering I’m very new to stick shifts, however today when I was driving up a steep hill I noticed a horrible burning smell. This has happened before but this time it was 10 times worse. I stalled on the hill while in traffic and put it back into first with my foot lightly on the clutch and drove but while I was driving I was riding the clutch and the rpm was crazy. I parked and went to school and when I came back 6 hours later the burning smell was still there, I took it for a small lap in first and second gear. It drove fine but the smell wouldn’t go away. Did I ruin my clutch? I can shift just fine but there’s still a smell. It has less that 1500 miles. Thanks! Also has this happened to anyone? How do I get rid of the smell?

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Driver Claiming Injury

In early December, I was backing out of my apartment parking spot when I accidentally grazed a driver pulling through onto the street. He did not live in the neighborhood, but was picking someone up. My car got a small scratched and his car receive a small dent on his driver door. He made a big hoopla and called the police to the scene who eventually created a report and documented that we both claimed we were not injured. So Yes, I understand since I was the one backing out I am at fault for his small dent. However, 2 months later his lawyer called my insurance and is now claiming personal injury! He is claiming he is currently going through treatment and it is still ongoing! My Insurance says they don’t currently know his demands until the treatment forms are completed.

I barely backed out 2 feet from the parking spot going 1 mile per hour! I’ve been a nervous wreck about the whole situation. How screwed am I? Is being in a parking spot in my own neighborhood give my Insurance Company more leverage against him?

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Dropping a driver from Car Insurance

I’m in the process of dropping a driver from my insurance as part of a divorce. When I asked for a quote for the insurance with one less driver, the premium cost went up by $10.00!

When I asked about this, here is the answer I received: “Currently, your policy is sharing the risk of one car over two drivers, which allows for an overall lower risk on the policy. If you switch this ratio to a one driver to one car, then your current rating factors will change since the risk is now targeted to just one driver.”

Does this make sense? Can anybody give me a better explanation of what is happening?


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Mk6 Golf MFD help.

Hi guys,

I have a MK6 (2010) Golf S and I’m looking for some help with the MFD.

The car has what appears to be a highline display (full screen with chrome trim around the oil and coolant gauges) so I should be able to access the MFD.

That being said, the display doesn’t have the have the big digital ‘door open’ warning, but does have the little red lit-up on in the speedo. Perhaps I have the loline display, but a later trim?

I cannot however do anything bar use the rockers on the wiper stalk to cycle through a few displays. Holding down the reset button does absolutely nothing.

I got myself a Carista OBD2 dongle to make sure MFD was set to ‘ON’ which it is, but nothing, still can’t access anything. (Carista, whilst not a VCDS is surprisingly good for £15, managed to customise a lot of stuff that wasn’t active).

Would unhooking the battery force a reset?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Where do I get more information about my house?

I am trying to get some quotes for homeowner’s insurance and I’m realizing that I don’t know the details of my house as well as I thought I did.

Is there a place where I can find details about my house like what kind of plumbing I have or what kind of foundation I have? I bought my house last year, and I’ve got all kinds of documents about my mortgage but nothing in the way of details of my house. When I was getting my first quote I was largely guessing (I looked up my square footage on Zillow and straight up guessed on what kind of roof I have) and I need to have better answers for this next attempt.

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Longevity Versus Driving Style

Alrighty car folk, apologies in advance if I am over-generalizing, but I would imagine most of you drive your car pretty hard.

I know I am usually 1/2 throttle off of most red lights, turning at .8g and threshold braking during my commute.

Overall, I’d say I drive pretty hard, but not in the typical tailgating, rubbernecking and constant lane changing.

Do you imagine this will have a tangible impact on the longevity of a car? I’ve always been of the opinion that most driving activities, save for burnouts and blatant abuse is perfectly okay.

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is there any benefit to having the dealership do my 10,000 mile service?

i have a 2017 VW GTI. ive just passed 10,000 miles and according to the service manual that is when i should have my first oil change. the delaership wants $147 to change the oil, filter, check brake pads, winshield washer fluid, wipers, and clean the headlights.

that is absurd to me. i am more than capable of changing my own oil and filter, i’ve done it a thousand times before on previous cars.

the difference here is this is my first brand new car, and i know i wont want to keep it past my 85,000 warranty (VW has a history of electrical gremlins and there’s quite a few computers in here.) so is there any real benefit to having the dealership service my car vs myself? my main concern is with resale, i can prove that i had the oil changed regularly since the dealership will report that, but not as easily if i did it myself. is that really that big of a deal?

what do you think, should i pay the $147 and have clear records of service, or save money and do it myself with no records?

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