My dad can’t get insurance but needs it. How do I get him insurance?

Without going into too much detail, my dad is 63 and a single parent. Two years ago, we began a gigantic clusterfuck with the ACA where he fell into a weird gap where he made too much for Medicaid but didn’t make enough for the ACA. So one would reject him and refer him to the other, which would reject him and refer him back. He’d be on the phone every day for months trying to talk to state Medicaid people, Healthcare Marketplace people and nobody could make heads or tails of the situation.

By some crazy random happenstance, my sister (17) was able to sneak through and qualify for CHIP through Medicaid. After a year of paying for a marketplace plan, I (27) qualified for insurance through my job. So me and my sister are insured but my dad still is not and it’ll likely takes months of calling and fighting and probably lucking into finding the right person to get him insured.

Last night he had a baby health scare and didn’t wake any of us and said he can’t go to a doctor or to the hospital because he’ll be paying for it the rest of his life. This is pretty much the last straw for me. How can I get my dad insurance? I tried extending him to my jobs insurance but they said you can’t cover parents or I would’ve gladly paid the money to get both of them on mine.

Is there any kind of place where I can just go and buy him insurance? The Marketplace is dying and a broken system and I know nothing about insurance. But he needs to be covered. He’s getting up in age, he has these little scares every now and then and I’d rather him not just tough it out because he has no insurance. Can anyone help?

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What is your opinion on quickjacks?

Hey guys, I’d like to know your opinion on quickjacks (, I live in Brazil, I have a daily that i pay for people to do the maintenance on time and all that, but im planning on getting a project car, something that I can work on over a longer period, no need to get it running and all that, anyone has experience with these jacks?

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I just completed a 3200km trip in a broken car.

So recently I got a very good deal on a car,a 2004 Audi A6.A few months later however,the car shat itself and all the electronics including some parts of the dashboard(speedometer,board computer)stopped working completely.I bought the car in Sweden and sadly I got an enormous quote for fixing it.I could not afford it so I decided that I should just drive to Bulgaria(my home country)and get it fixed there.3200 km may not seem that much but for me the trip was definitely an experience.It was a difficult drive that included the snowy and icy mountain roads of Austria to the superb German Autobahn to the rainy,unfinished highways of Serbia.I just wanted to share it with you guys cause I am really happy I managed to do it without any problems along the way.Cheers!

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[US] Shopping for car insurance. Need feedback

So I’ve been shopping around for insurance recently because I thought something was a bit fishy with my current company. After getting a few quotes and asking individuals around my age what they pay in terms of their premiums, I found out that I’m paying an egregious amount a month for my car insurance

In short, I wanted to know: which car insurance company is the best in terms of cost and quality?

If you have any questions, let me know.

Current info:

Company: Geico

Premium ~$221/m

ASL: 25 M WV

Infractions: One speeding violation 1 1/2 years ago

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Does anyone know the site

I just found this site out of coincidence right now. it seems like its a very great resource for researching which car model is good to buy.

But i was wondering how legit is it? does anyone use this site? how reliable is it?

also, what do the numbers mean in the bargraph? for example, on this car it has an 8 for the “exhaust system problems.” is it saying its ranked 8/10 (80%) in NOT having that issue? or 80% of the time it ahs that issue?

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Threshold Braking and Heel-Toe Downshifting

I know that it is benefical to heel-toe downshift during a turn, but is it also beneficial to heel-toe downshift on a straight while threshold braking? I heard that downshifting contributes to slowing down the car due to engine braking, so it is beneficial to heel-toe during your threshold downshift? Wouldn’t it be difficult to keep your braking at the point of threshold while attempting to rev-match your downshifts?

An example would be just before going to a corner, I may downshift from say 5th –> 4th –> 3rd gear while at the same time threshold braking.

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Need a daily driver?

So I am in desperate need of a daily driver but unfortunately I only have $2500 to spend on a car which I know isn’t much. Not looking for something fancy, just need it to take to and from school and work and last me 2 years. I live in the Seattle area if that helps. I was looking at a camry or corolla or accord. Anything Honda or toyota since I read they are great daily drivers and will last close to 300k miles. Would I be able to get a good car with $2500 I was hoping either a 1998- 2000 year camry or corolla. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Want a long term insurance.Read some paying facts about it

Currently, 12 million Americans need long-term care. By 2050, that number is expected to more than double, to 27 million. Where they’ll find that care and how they’ll pay for itis unclear, creating a crisis.

“I think Americans believe that either their health insurance or Medicare will cover long-term care,” says Aaron Ball, senior vice president of long-term care products at Genworth, a financial security and insurance company. However, neither is a true funding source for long-term care, and most Americans don’t have alternatives in place.

In a recent study, Genworth found that despite the fact that roughly 70 percent of Americans reaching age 65 will one day depend on long-term care services, only 11 percent have a long-term care insurance policy. Read more here:

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